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We Need a Bigger Internet, Star Citizen is Seriously Huge

Jeremy Masker, the current director of game operations at the now famous Cloud Imperium Games, warned us that it was going to be huge in a way we have not seen yet. Like the client might surpass 100 GIG in size. Yikes, now that is a download. Settle in folks in the United States, go get some coffee. This is going to be a thing. If you have a data cap on your internet service go ahead and look up your high speed internet providers by zip code because you need a new one to play this crazy game.

This was all released as a response to a forum user at Roberts Space Industries site claiming that the game could never be released without compressing the code significantly and further extensive optimization having been done. The quiet answer from the developer was, “probably not”. Jeremy Masker said directly, “I would not count on this. The size and number of assets that are left means that our client size is much more likely to be 100GB”. He continues to say that they are optimizing client and game patches but the dream of a 40 GB client is not going to come true.

Whew. So that is after extensive compression, optimization, asset removal, and dozens of efficiency sweeps. Although he doesn’t actually say it, it sounds like 100 GB is the best case scenario. The patching system and optimization may increase patch speed but overall size would not be affected in that regard. Masker said you can look for, “2-6 GB patches”, and in the event that a file type re-factor is needed then the patches could be between 14-20 GB.

If you don’t have unlimited data and blazing service this could be a real problem. Most people playing this type of game probably have access to both of those but without it the experience will be extremely prohibitive. So in short get ready for a data dump of epic proportions.

Jon Norwood from PVP Gamer said, "We haven’t seen this kind of scope built into a UI before. When we were doing potential build outs for our frost mage pvp guide ( we were thinking the WoW UI was big. It isn't".

Star Citizen promises the following:

Live your life in deep space and create adventure. You are dropped into a science fiction universe that is space travel centric. The universe lives and breathes, changing as the inhabitants grow. Live out your adventures as a merchant, a mercenary for hire, or a dread pirate stealing his way to an empire. More important, be all three over time. Don’t get locked in!

When you create a character you get to choose your profession, allies, and even your ship! Every choice you make impacts the overall universe so you better think before you smuggle ancient artifacts into that no trade zone. A criminal record might haunt you for life!
If you become a financial backer of the game now you will start out with your own starship and hanger along with a big head start on the items you need to reshape the galaxy in your image.

Star Citizen uses beat maker online tech for background music and beats and also claims to have a “fully realized death mechanic”. What that means exactly is unknown and will certainly go through changes before release. If it is permanent death then shit just got real and folks won’t run around acting like fools and yelling at each other.